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      1. Corporate culture

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        Spirit Level

        (I) Corporate Vision:To become a world-class supplier of small and medium aero-engines.
        (II) Core Value:Country First, Customers First, Employees First.
        (III) Corporate Spirit:Pragmatism, Refinement, Innovation and Firm Resolve to Succeed.

        Operational Level

        (I) Development Philosophy:Aviation-based, Civil-military Integration, Derivative Development, and Open Cooperation.
        (II) Operation Philosophy:Resonance between people and enterprise.
        (III) Management Philosophy: Lean creates value.

        Action Level

        (I) Team Philosophy:Forge ahead together.
        (II) Behaving Philosophy:Willing to do, Dare to do, Skilled to do and Already Did.
        (III) Interpersonal Philosophy: Respect, Sincerity, Understanding, Trust.