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      1. Subcontracted Aviation Products

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        International Processing and Trading Company Branch was established in May of 2008 and specialized in undertaking the manufacturing of components and parts of foreign aero-engines.

        All the technologies and techniques are available for review and verification of all our clients. Presently, the techniques of heat treatment, fusion welding, line cutting, electric spark, rinsing of the titanium alloy spares, plasma spraying, FPI and X-ray are approved by the PWC and HS company.

        At present there’re three production lines: production lines of circular parts, expansion circle and sizing sheet  Customer:PWC,HANMILTONSUNDSTRAND(HS)T TURBOMECA(TM)
        PWC-circular parts and expansion circles: supplied 20000 circular parts and 3000 expansion circles in 2005
        HS-sizing sheet welding parts: delivered 9000 parts in 2005
        HS-sizing sheet welding parts: delivered 9000 parts in 2005
        Quality System: obtained AS9100B Certificate in Nov. 2004
        As the customer’s supplier, we are honored and are willing to meet new challenges with our customers in full passion.